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Our website services include :


Do you produce or retail a product and/or service that could be marketed on-line?

Do you have an innovative new E-Business idea?

If you want to start selling goods or services on the internet then you probably need to add some sort of additional functionality to your website. Orbit Multimedia can produce a shop window on the internet for you, in an environment designed to encourage purchasing.

We can provide a bespoke website with secure server space robust enough to handle large business yet priced to accommodate the smaller ones. A storefront that is easy to use and maintain, with unlimited products and categories, shopping cart facilities, credit card clearing, etc. Everything you need to get your virtual store up and going.

For new companies or those without a credit card merchant account, we can also arrange for you to accept credit card payments via your website.

With so many Internet users purchasing online. Can you afford to put this off any longer?

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