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More space, more features

1.5GB webspace
We'll give you 1.5GB of reliable webspace based on our powerful Linux servers. As a very rough guide, 10mb of webspace holds around 300 average webpages.

Free UK domain name
When you sign up for this package we'll register your own choice of UK domain completely free of charge. UK domains include co.uk, org.uk and me.uk whilst global domains include those ending in com, net, org, biz and info.

Shared Secure Server Access
This feature allows you to accept data securely via your website using our special url www.secure-secure.co.uk. Your secure web address will be:https://www.secure-secure.co.uk/yourdomain.co.uk/ This address points to the main folder on your website so you can make any document on your website secure.

Completely free account set up
Unlike our competitors we won't charge you a set up fee when we create your account. Set up with Orbit Multimedia is completely free.

Unlimited data transfer per month with no file type restrictions
Data transfer, sometimes called bandwidth, is the amount of data transferred from your website to your visitors in a given month. For example if a page is 1mb in size, including images, and 1000 people view the page in a month, you will have used 1000mb (roughly 1GB) of data transfer.

No restrictions on the file types you can host (e.g. mp3 & exe)
Our Value Host & Value Host PRO packages have some restrictions on the types of files that you can host on them due to their extremely low cost. Value Host & Value Host PRO restrictions include MP3s, EXEs, ZIP files and more. Our Mid Host package does NOT have any such restrictions and you are free to host whatever you like on the account.

Hosted in the UK on our own servers in our own data suite
If you're UK based it's important that the server powering your website is also in the UK, so that your users will have the fastest possible experience when visiting.

500 POP3 email accounts (mailboxes)
POP3 mailboxes store your emails on our servers until you are ready to read them. You can either collect and send your emails using your own email program, such as Outlook Express, or by using our completely free webmail service. Your POP3 mailboxes can each store up to 100mb of emails.

Virus scanning on 1 POP3 mailbox
We operate ScannerSYS anti-virus scanners to protect your mailbox and computer. When our anti-virus system detects an email containing a virus it instantly places the email into a "quarantine" folder and sends you a notification email with the virus staying safely away from your PC.

500 email forwarders
Using email forwarding you can route emails sent to your Orbit Multimedia hosting package to any other email address you like.

500 auto-responders
Auto-responders reply to your incoming email automatically. You can set the text of the reply and the trigger address easily via your online control panel. Auto-responders are ideal for customer service departments or for informing people when you are away.

Shopping Cart
Choice of osCommerce or Agora shopping cart, fully featured shopping cart solutions that includes many features including support for Paypal and Worldpay.

Complete spam protection system
Our anti spam / UCE (unsolicited commercial email) system allows you to block any email address that sends you spam. We'll turn away any further email sent from the address blocked so you don't have to deal with it.

Free to use webmail service
Our free webmail service allows you to read your email using any internet enabled PC from anywhere in the world. You simply enter your email details to read, reply, delete and forward your messages.

10 MySQL databases with online control panel
MySQL is a powerful database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data. MySQL is very fast, reliable, and easy to use and can power entire websites, ordering systems or membership databases with ease. We provide you with 5 MySQL databases with an online control system.

PHP4 scripting ability
PHP 4 is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language ideal for the creation of dynamic web sites. PHP 4 is enabled on all packages.

CGI scripting support in Perl, C & Python
CGI scripts are applications that run within your webspace and perform a variety of tasks. Common CGI script uses include guestbooks, counters and forms. Our servers support the three most popular CGI scripting languages, Perl, C/C++ and Python.

Personal cgi-bin
Your account is equipped with its own cgi-bin folder, allowing you to install and use your own CGI scripts. There are also thousands of free scripts available on the internet for you to install and use on your package.

Server Side Includes (SSI)
SSI enables the addition of dynamic features to your standard web pages. Using SSI you can automatically insert dates and file information as well as calling external programs such as hit counters.

WAP server
WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol and is now commonly supported by most mobile phones. Our servers allow you to run both normal and WAP sites from your webspace.

Pre installed CGI scripts
A great selection of CGI scripts (including Guestbook, Calendar, FormMail, Website Search, Date script, Countdown, Whois and Counter).

20 Subdomains
A subdomain is a unique web address set to point to a folder within your webspace. Subdomains give your website a more professional feel and provide your visitors with an easy to remember web address for each section. You can add up to 5 subdomains (e.g. sales.domain.co.uk) to your package with no extra charge.

Unlimited password protected directories
Our password protection feature allows you to protect areas of your webspace. Your users will be prompted for a username and password and will only be able to access the protected area if they supply the correct details. You can have an unlimited number of users with any number of usernames and passwords on each protected area.

Microsoft FrontPage server extensions
We fully support Microsoft Frontpage server extensions to allow you to use Microsoft FrontPage web design software to create and publish your website easily and quickly.

Custom error page
On this package you can customise the error page shown in the event of a visitor to your web site requesting a file or page that does not exist.

Apache access log access
The Apache access log stores data each time someone visits your website and can be useful for analysing your web traffic (e.g. for marketing purposes). We'll automatically compress your log files into .zip format and leave them in your webspace - ready for you to download when you want.

Graphical webalizer statistics
Our graphical statistics allow you to see detailed usage information for your web site. You'll be able to see how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, what search keywords they use to find you and more. This tool is essential for anyone who needs to measure their marketing effectiveness & responses.

Full firewall protection
Our firewalls filter internet traffic to every website that we host to maintain a high level of security throughout our network. Every web hosting package hosted with SupaNames is fully protected by our firewalls.

Daily website back up
We make a complete back up of your content, emails and databases every single day in order to protect you from data loss as a result of hard disk failure.

MyPANEL hosting package control panel
Your package will come with a MyPANEL control panel. MyPANEL gives you ultimate control over every aspect of your web hosting package allowing you to easily and instantly update your settings, configuration and features. More information about this tool is available here.

No charge for cancellation and no charge to transfer to any other ISP
If you decide, for whatever reason, to cancel your contract or move your domain name away from Orbit Multimedia whilst we will be very sorry to see you go we'll not charge you administration or release fees.

No hidden charges, extras or fees
We have always believed in no hidden charges, extras or fees. We guarantee not to hide any charges from you or to surprise you with nasty costs or fees.

No adverts or pop-ups on your website
We guarantee not to place advertising or pop-up windows on your website or hosting package. Our hosting packages are completely professional and not funded by advertising.

Free Voicemail, Call forwarding and Fax number
Included in your web hosting package is an optional telecoms service that brings all of your messages, voice, fax and email together in one place. This completely optional service is perfect for business owners, people on the move or sole traders!

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