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Our website services include :


Would you like to impress you clients or customers with a presentation of your latest product or service. A website is not the only digital medium, other platforms may provide a more economical and targeted solution. Grab their attention with a computer generated graphic, video, audio spectacular.We can create a presentation for you to show at exhibitions, trade shows or promotional tours.

If frequent presentations are an integral aspect of your business, consider outsourcing to Orbit Multimedia. We can reduce costs, Improve deadline compliance, Increase presentation quality and reduce human resources.

Presentations can be created using Powerpoint, Flash or Macromedia Director from clients' content received as MS Word (or other) text, MS Excel spreadsheets, hand-drawn slides, and images. We can also makeover clients' PowerPoint presentations.

You can choose various target mediums including:

  • DVD
  • CD Rom or CD Business Cards
  • Internet Media Files
  • Videotape
  • High Resolution Images for Print
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