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Website Design
7 good reasons to have a website
1 Exposure to new customers.   You will reach more local clients and also national and global markets!
2 A professional image.   Just as all businesses have telephones, most customers expect you to have a website. 
3 E-Commerce.  Expand your distribution via an on-line store and sell your products on-line. Your customers will love the convenience.
4 Be flexible in your message.   Change the content as your business changes. No need for expensive reprints of brochures and stationery.
5 Save money on advertising.   Instead of paying for large ads, simply advertise your website address. Then include all the information about the business on your site.
6 Save money on postageInstead of mailing your customers information about new products, simply email them and direct them to your site.
7 Save time. Don't spend hours on the phone explaining to your customers what products and services you offer, direct them to your website! 
7 good reasons to have a website designed and hosted by Orbit Multimedia
1 Bespoke design. We do not use templates, each site is unique
2 Free domain name registration. Your choice of .co.uk domain is free if you host your site with us.
3 Free hosting for 12 months. Two years hosting for the price of one on our Value and Pro packages.
4 Free updates for 6 months. We will update/change your site content free of charge for the first 6 months of hosting
5 Free control panel. MyPANEL gives you ultimate control over every aspect of your web hosting package
6 Bring your domain name with you. We do not charge transfer fees
7 Full upgrade facilities. If at any time you wish to upgrade your hosting package all you pay is the difference in price

Your website has a powerful impact on a potential customers confidence in you. A professional design, well-written copy, helpful product information, and good contact info can tremendously increase trust in your company. It lets people know you're knowledgeable and up-to-date.

Many individuals and businesses who could benefit from a website are missing out entirely because they think it would be too expensive to have a website designed. After analysing the work required, it is probably most cost effective to outsource the work to an agency. With Orbit Multimedia the experience of developing a your website is painless, even if you are unfamiliar with the internet we will take your information and goals and work one on one with our design suggestions to produce a website that is unique to you. We do not use off the shelf templates.

All our websites are designed with search engine rankings in mind and we go through a thorough process of identifying keywords and phrases with which to populate the site.

If required we can also host your site and register a FREE domain name for you so that you have a 'www.yoursite.co.uk' style address and 'name@yoursite' e-mail address.


View your new website during development .

You will be given a password to enable you to preview your new website, check work in progress and approve the content before it is uploaded to your server

Preview my new website


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